Macaila Britton
Macaila Britton
A Chicago gal writing about all things social justice and lifestyle.

what to expect is a digital platform discussing all things social justice and lifestyle. Macaila created this space as a creative outlet for her writing and passion for advocacy. As she evolved, so did the blog. What was once a digital beauty guide, is now a platform championing human rights and equality while starting conversations about the workplace, fitness, fashion, culture, and more. Macaila prioritizes staying true to vulnerability and authentic writing and uses those principals as a foundation for what is published.

What separates Macaila from other bloggers is her passion for change. She is a dreamer and a change maker fueled by empathy and justice. Since she was a little girl she loved writing- thinking of short stories and jotting them down. She wouldn’t leave the house without a notebook and pencil- heck, she still doesn’t! In 2014 she decided to start this blog as a place to write and interact with others. My goodness has this blogged transformed over the last 5 and a half years. Macaila has always had a passion for helping others. Growing up there was prioritization for serving the community. In 2016 she joined an organization set out to eradicate world hunger. As a member of the leadership team she was in charge of building a team of “doers”.

Longing to do more and still feeling helpless, Macaila decided effective January 1, 2017, would drastically shift gears- publishing articles built on awareness and action for global issues and the injustice people are facing. Macaila believes together we can change the world. There is never an age requirement, education level, occupation, gender, race, social status, or anything else that can limit us from achieving greatness and making our world a more safe and happier place to live. Change might not happen right away- or even with the first try, but we can change the world. Join Macaila as she sets out to make a difference in our world as she explores the ins- and outs of the beautiful Windy City and the destinations she has yet to travel to!


macaila britton

founder + editor

Macaila Britton, Chicago Based Writer and Photographer

Macaila is a social justice advocate, writer, and, digital storyteller. She takes her passion for equality, philanthropy, creativity, and learning, by turning it into content she can share with others. Macaila primarily writes about all things social justice and lifestyle- as the subject and championing of human rights and her everyday life are what she is most familiar with. She prioritizes education in her writing and sharing what she is discovering- from fashion trends, fitness tips, and life experiences, to global issues. Macaila makes it a point to vulnerably and authentically share her life online in hopes of connecting and inspiring others to live life to the fullest, while stepping outside of their comfort zone.

phillip carlson

men + sports content developer

Phillip Carlson

Phillip graduated from DePaul University with a B.S. in Finance and has since used his education to start and develop various successful global companies. His passion and prioritization for health and wellness inspired Phillip to open his own gym. He also co-owns and develops the unconventional training system used within his facility that other gyms and individuals rely on around the world. Phillip’s eye for design and abundance of creativity contributed to his shift in focus- from finance to digital marketing. Phillip’s style is showcased in the cutting- edge work he produces for luxury brands within the fashion, fitness, golf, sneaker, and wine industry.

jack grooms

media apprentice

Jack Grooms Content Creator

Jack is a photographer/ videographer from the Chicago area. He is currently a senior in high school. Nearly 3 years ago Jack found his true passion for photography. He owned a camera for a while, however, he wasn't thinking of turning it into anything serious… but here he is! Jack is just beginning his creative journey and cannot wait to see where it takes him.

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mom | writer | teacher

Christina Sharp, Writer

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