How I started

Since I was a little girl, I loved writing. I would think of short stories and jot them down. I wouldn't leave the house without my notebook and pen- heck, I still don't!

Back in 2014 I created a blog. I wanted to have a space where I could write and interact with others. My goodness has my blog changed over the years. As I have grown, so has this space on the web. I started with a beauty blog which later transitioned into the social justice and lifestyle blog you are reading today. I have always had a passion for helping others. When I was in second grade I was blessed with the opportunity to attend a private Christian school. The school instilled the importance of giving back and helping the community. I didn't realize at the time how much I truly enjoyed service projects, and fundraisers until I attended a public high school many years later. This was quite different than the school years I was used to. Yes, there were ways the school gave back, but it wasn't a priority nor was helping others and the community a constant classroom goal.  I felt as if I was missing a part of me and needed to find something to do and a way to give back. My junior/ senior year of high school I was a part of Food Fight, a student led non profit organization that aids in the eradication of world hunger. As a team leader I was in charge of raising awareness for world hunger around my school. While doing so, I learned an incredible amount. The statistics shocked me. I couldn't believe that " 842 million people suffer from hunger worldwide." (Borgen Project). After graduating high school, I wanted to continue making a difference, learning about the problems people are enduring and the ways I could help improve them.

 January 2017 , I created Operation Beautiful Nation, a social media campaign focused on bettering the community, while educating people on social injustice and making a difference. I post challenges with ways we can make a difference in our everyday lives. I believe together, we can change the world. There is never a wrong answer, an age requirement, education level, occupation, gender, race, social status or anything else stopping us from achieving greatness and making our world a more safe and happier place to live. Change might not happen right away, or with the first try, but we can change the world.  

My favorite part of writing and blogging is the adventure of it. I have found the process for creating each post different and exciting in a new way. I love being able to write about causes I am passionate about, share my faith, give tips on my favorite lifestyle trends and document my life. 


founded in 2014

Suburban Chicago