Review | Milk Makeup Eye Marker

Hi all!

Over the past few weeks I have heard quite a bit about this product- Milk Makeup's Eye Marker. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this product, it is a liquid eyeliner. What attracted me to this eyeliner is the brand, Milk Makeup. I took to Google and while doing extensive research for new makeup brands, I stumbled upon Milk Makeup. This company is cruelty free, which means they do not test on our furry friends. I also like this company because their "line is over 60% vegan", according to their website. I have made it a goal to try new beauty products and start switching out anything in my collection that is not cruelty free. 

While browsing their website I noticed how vibrant their products are- specifically the eye ones. Milk Makeup has a plethora of eyeshadows that can create numerous looks from day  to night, and everything in between. Milk Makeup has an abundance of facial products- foundations, concealers and powder products that are available in a variety of shades.

I selected the Milk Makeup Eye Marker as the first product to try from this brand, because I needed a new liquid eyeliner. What better time to test out a product, than when you need that very thing you're testing out! 

When I first discovered this product, I was a bit skeptical of the shape of the packaging. Usually liquid eyeliners are in a slim, long tube. I have to admit, I was a bit nervous to test this product out due to the much larger size of the tube. However, When I applied the eyeliner, I didn't think twice about the size or shape. It was easy to maneuver with the curve of my eye. 

Notice the tip on this liner. It is unlike most on the beauty market. Milk's eyeliner quite literally reflects a marker. There is both a pro and a con to this kind of tip. 

Pro- I am able to achieve a fine line or a thick line, depending on the look I am going for. 

Con- Unless you are an eyeliner pro, it is difficult to control the thickness of your line. It take longer to apply due to the eyeliner's inability to be as precise as other products, due to the bigger size product. 

In the photo above, I have swatched the marker- as you can see, there is both a thin line and one that is a bit thicker. These are the different thicknesses that can be achieved with the liner. 

One thing I do not like about this product, is the buildability. It was difficult for me to apply my eyeliner and feel comfortable with the application result. This Milk Makeup Eye Marker was a bit dried out. The repercussion of this affected the quality of my line (see picture above). I was unable to build up the product. When I went over the pre-existing line, the marker would rub off the previous layer because of how dry part of the product was.  

Take a look at the photos of the product on, below. 

At first glance, the eyeliner doesn't seem to be that bad...then you notice the right eye. Yikes! As you could probably guess, the right eye was the first eye that I tested this product on. Due to it being the first time I used this product I was unsure of how to properly hold the pen for the small cat eye look I was going for. As you can tell, the "small cat eye" did not turn out so well. 

The Left Eye: Second time around I had it down! I knew which way to turn the pen and when to slightly lift or lower it to fit the shape of my eye.

If you look closely, you can see how the product lacks buildability. In the photo above I applied not one, not two, not three, but four layers of the Milk Makeup eye marker on my eyelid. Yes, you read that correctly, FOUR! By the second- heck, by the fourth layer of eyeliner it should be sticking and look put together. 

Here is layer six of eyeliner. The products seems to be building more on my lid, but not enough to create a strong line across my eye. 

Again, I added another layer and the results remained the same. 

If I look up, the eyeliner doesn't look bad (well, except that poor right eye that was the guinea pig). However, I can NOT constantly look at the sky all day. It is simply impractical.


Overall, the idea of the product is amazing. I think Milk Makeup was smart to create a product that can allow us to create two different style wings. It saves money from having to purchase both a thin and thick liquid eyeliner pen. The thing that turns me off about this product is how dry it is. I was not a fan of having to layer my eyeliner so many times and it still not turn out to be visually appealing. 

Verdict: Not a fan of this product. I would not repurchase or recommend this product. If Milk Makeup fixes the formulation of the product and allows for a more smooth application and not pull on my eye or remove previously applied makeup, I would consider repurchasing this. The one thing that MUST change for me to buy this product, is the buildability. I can't spend 20 minutes on my eyeline, just to have it look like a two year old drew on my eyelid in the end. I need a prominent line- none of this looking great in one place, but fading in two other spots! I want a strong line, and I want it with the first application. 


If you have tried this product, let me know what you think. Did you have the same experience, or do you think I had a faulty product?