The Last Dance |Mikayla Castora

Prom; a noun. One word consisting of four letters. For high school seniors this night can be bitter sweet. It's a celebration for the nearing of endless amounts of studying, a chance to dance the night away with friends and bust out those amazing (and totally not cringeworthy) moves. This night is also a reminder of what is to come. It is the end of one era and the start of the next. Prom is the beginning of saying goodbye to high school. 

I had the opportunity to follow high school senior, Mikayla Castora, through her pre- prom experience. I was there to capture memories and witness the joy of her getting ready, the realization that graduation is in less than a month and family members reminiscing about Mikayla's younger days. 

Getting Ready

The pre-prom experience wouldn't have turned out the same if it were not for: David's Bridal, Tina Cepero for hair, Hallmark and Pandora's jewelry selection and Target's amazing hair finds.

The clock was ticking and final details were made. With hair and makeup complete, it's time for the dress. 

Complicated dresses take more than one person to help zip, tie and button up. It's a good thing her friend and mom were there to lend a hand! 

The Dress


Meet the Date

With her childhood best friend and prom date, Johnny Fetscher by her side, there is no doubt about the night being fun and full of laughs.

Mikayla and Johnny dropped a few one-liners, recalled almost forgotten inside jokes and exchanged floral pieces. 

Making Memories 

Mikayla and her gal pals posed for a few photos, before separating to capture this moment with their families. 


Mikayla, Her Mom and Sister

After the photos, it was time to send them off. They climbed into cars and drove towards a night they will never forget.

Indeed they had a happy prom.