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I've been testing out a lot of makeup recently to find my new "go-to" products since I went the all-natural and organic route. It's been fun (and interesting) learning which formulas work with my skin tone/ skin type and for certain seasons. I have compiled a mini list with three of the brands currently in my makeup bag. I have been loving these products and the companies in general. So, to all the beauty babes looking to fill their makeup bags with chemical-free and more natural alternatives, look no further.

Here are the four products and companies I am currently loving!


1. Antonym Cosmetics- lolo lash mascara

I've raved about Antonym before. If you want a more detailed review and to know why I love the brand as much as I do, click here. I use this product daily in my mascara routine. Prior to using this product, I apply a volumizing mascara as a base, followed by this one. I also use this on my lower lashes. The brush is amazing for coating all those baby lashes with product and really taking my eye look to the next level.


2. fat and the moon- "beam" highlighter

My all time favorite highlighter, hands down. Oh my goodness this product is amazing. Highlighter is one of my favorite parts of getting ready every morning. I love this product because it is easy to travel with. I don't like bulky products because they take up way too much room in my makeup bag- thankfully I don't have to worry about this with Fat And The Moon. I used to be ride or die for powder highlights, then I was introduced to this product. I will never go back to another highlighter again. I love the creamy texture of this product and how it sits on top of my makeup. It blends perfectly into all foundations, no matter the finish/ product type. Plus, the coverage is amazing. It is buildable and I can 100% control how much product I want to apply. I like using my beauty blender for more natural looks and then a brush when I want a more "full coverage" highlighter. 


Full brand review coming soon- stay tuned!

3. Eye of horus- Brow Fibre extend

Hello brow lifesaver! Lately I haven't had time to do my full brow routine, which kills me because I love #killerbrows. This product saves me time (and the world from seeing my bare brows-yikes!) when getting ready in the morning. This is seriously the best product to have ever been invented. I wish I came up with it. I unscrew the brush and comb my brows. As I'm doing so, my brow hairs are coated with color, which fills them in. This tricks the universe into believing that I actually woke up super early and spent 20 minutes on them. My eyebrows look strong and defined, and feel confident going about my day! I love this product post- workout. Most days I have meeting after the gym and I end up washing my face and putting a bit of makeup on before I leave Midwest Strength + Performance. This product allows for me to save time yet still look as if I put in a lot more effort and time to do my makeup. Plus, the packaging is ideal for traveling. It is slim and easily fits into my makeup bag.


Full brand review coming soon- stay tuned!

4.gabriel- "conch" multi pot


Y'all. This is my favorite blush ever. I know, bold statement- but it's true! I like the color for my skin tone and the formulation. It is a powder product, but it does not apply like one. Most powder blushed look cake-y on my skin and do not sit well on top of my foundation. This one does. I've tested this blush with multiple foundations and tinted moisturizers and it gives me the same, perfect result each time. The color is buildable which I like and the packaging is simple. I appreciate the clear top. It is easier to find in my makeup drawer this way. The size of the product is also ideal. Despite it being circular, it is actually quite small. This baby slips right into my makeup bag and makes traveling with multiple products a breeze. 


Those are my four must have vegan, natural and chemical free products. I'd love to know what's in your makeup bag. Comment below and let me know!



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