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We’ve all been there- we have something to do after the gym like a last-minute meeting. The #grublife is great but sometimes we need to freshen up. Here are four things you should pop into your gym bag ASAP! These are great to de-gunk until you can hit the showers.

1. Nourishing Rosewater Mist

Perfect for feeling rejuvenated and fresh- especially after a morning gym session. This mist hydrates the skin and makes it look absolutely radiating!

2. Cleansing Cloth

No one likes clogged pores and a greasy face after the gym. Sure in the moment during workouts, it’s fine because each drop of sweat means you’re a beast in the gym and reaching your goals. Talk about #gains. These washable cloths are easy to throw in your gym bag and remove all the grease and dirt from your face and body.

3. Sunscreen

Easy to pack, lightweight and your skin’s best friend. Sunscreen is super duper important for protecting your skin against UV rays and skin cancer. Bonus: sits well under makeup!

4. Tinted Moisturizer

Ideal for those who want little coverage- the “no makeup, makeup look”. The dew skin offers light to medium coverage and is buildable.

5. Biodegradable Makeup Wipes

Using Micellar formula (aka superfood for your skin), these makeup wipes will help you feel refreshed after a sweat session and leave your skin oil/ makeup free. For those who are trying to be more earth friendly, these wipes will be your new bff- they're biodegradable!  If you have a home compost, toss them in after to dispose.


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