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I swear shopping for a sports bra is more like dating.

Hear me out. Ladies, with both we’re looking for “the one”. You know- high quality: dependable and supportive, etc. Well, with bras it’s the same. There should never be a sacrifice of quality for style. Not to mention, long lasting, weightless, versatile bras allowing for maximum comfort are important. I’ve tried those bras that are cute but absolutely horrible to workout in. You know the kind where the straps slip off and you’re left holding your boobs in the middle of class because your bra is as useless as the “g” is lasagna. Then, I’ve been on the other end of the spectrum where my bra has been so supportive that I couldn’t breathe in class because everything felt cemented to my chest and too tight to function. Needless to say, it’s been a struggle to find support and comfort- especially at a reasonable price point. Seriously, who prices bras? It’s crazy!

A few months ago, a few girlfriends and I were at the gym and talking about how our boobs just HURT during workouts and how absolutely fed up we are with the sports bra selection. The three of us have different chest sizes and hearing how they are struggling too was absolutely refreshing yet utterly frustrating. I thought I was the only one on this multi-year struggle bus. I remembered something my friend Courtney said about the lululemon bras and how they have restructured their approach to fitness and women’s bodies. I love the lululemon workout gear and at that point in time had not ventured into their sports bra territory.


Fast forward a few weeks later. I reached out to my friend and the Naperville store Educator, Bri. We grabbed coffee and I picked her brain about the bras, telling her my struggles- where I need support, what type of activities I do, and my budget. We set up a time for me to stop by the Naperville store for a fitting where she went over in detail each type of bra and had me try them on. Right away she noted the “Enlite Bra” would be the best option for me based on my chest size, more high intensity training and my complaints about other bra straps. I had never worked with a lululemon Educator before for a fitting prior to this. When I shop at lululemon I usually browse the racks, pick out what I think is cute and proceed to checkout. I liked the experience of setting up a time where the educators can select garments based on my needs and not have it all up to me. After all, they know the store and the products the best. Bri ended up helping me figure out sizing for a few other tops that are now a staple in my athleisure wardrobe- actually, who am I kidding, in my entire wardrobe. I wear my lululemon in and out of the gym and have separation anxiety from my pieces when I have adult meetings and I have to wear business clothing. Seriously, can lululemon come out with business suits and everything in between I would need to wear to any type of work event, next?


  • The first sports bra was created in 1977.

  • The jockstrap inspired the sports bras.

  • Individual cup sizes were created in the 1980’s.

  • 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra.

lululemon has an online quiz to help determine which sports bra is best suited for your needs.
Take the free quiz,

review |Enlite bra front zip

Overall, I truly enjoy this bra. I used to be a big Victoria’s Secret sports bra fan until they decided to change their product, sacrificing design and quality. I used to like their products until I repurchased and the bras broke on me during class, and fell apart in the washing machine. To make maters worse, the bras wouldn’t stay put during my workouts. From light yoga to a lifting session, I was always doing those weird wiggle adjustments. One time I was squatting and my bra just slid all the way down my arm. That was the last workout I would ever do with Victoria’s Secret. Sure, the price per bra was was better than others on the market- especially for my larger chest size, but the quality was absolutely horrible and I ended up spending twice as much replacing the bras. The longevity of their product was an absolute joke. 3 months in and the bra would completely wear out. Not good.

Enter lululemon. I’ve been testing the Enlite Bra Front Zip since May, and oh boy have I put this bra through the ringer. I was a bit apprehensive about this bra when Bri presented it to me because it doesn’t look supportive. The only thing holding my boobs in place is a tiny clip and zipper… that doesn’t scream “support” to me, but I was wrong. My assumption of the product was quickly disproved when I tried it on in the store then later on during various activities and intensities. As soon as I clipped in, I felt put together. When I zipped up, that was it. I was all set to take on the world.. seriously, I’m convinced there’s nothing I can’t handle in my lululemon Enlite Bra. I instantly felt lifted and supported in a way I have never felt in a bra- including the “day to day” ones- but that’s an article for another time.


I was nervous of the straps because they are static and non- adjustable. There is not plastic or any other material besides what the bra is made of and my first thought was “oh that’s not going to last”. Right on cue, Bri said that the straps are designed this way because they mold to the body and stay in place. She was correct- they do. Not once have I had to adjust the straps or have they worn out. I’m nearing the end of month 3 with my bras and by now this would be the end of my Victoria’s Secret bra’s life. I did purchase a faulty bra and I reached out to the store right away when my zipper broke. I was surprised this happened because of how high-quality lululemon is and having zero issues with the other exact Enlite bra I also picked up, in store that day. The store replaced the bra for me at no charge and made it a point to tell me that any lululemon store does the same because the company prides themselves on quality products that last. Of course glitches happen in the manufacturing process, but that’s with EVERYTHING and not just a lululemon caution. I like how they didn’t try to sell me another bra when their product didn’t perform as it was supposed to. When this happened with my Victoria’s Secret bras and I complained to the company, I was given an attitude and told I was irresponsible with the product and needed to repurchase their bra. No, the product was faulty and the Victoria’s Secret strap snapping off while in yoga was not my fault. There is a clear difference with lululemon and other athletic companies as lululemon prioritizes their customers in a way I have not seen or felt from other stores. I have not had any issues with the Enlite bras aside from that weird zipper fluke and 100% stand by this product.



  • Anti- chaffing.

  • No sharp or uncomfortable wires.

  • Clasp and zipper support.

  • Comfortable straps.

  • Doesn’t bulge in tops.

  • Doesn’t squish the chest- aka no “sausage or uni-boob” look.


  • Price per bra.



Click here or on the image to view the full lululemon bra sizing chart to find your best fit!

tested during


Enlite Bra Zip Front

Price: $98-108

The “revolutionary running bra for ease of use, to go with the movement management and natural shape it's known for.”

  • Zip front

  • Machine washable

  • Lycra

  • Built in cups

  • No distraction underband


maximum support bras

The Enlite bra line is designed for women interested in “high support” and suitable for those with a larger cup size. This style in particular ranges from A-F cups. There are three different structural options for the Enlite bra.

  1. Back Closure

  2. Front Zip

  3. Weave + Back Closure

enlite bra | back closure

“Running never felt so good—we designed this revolutionary bra to give you comfort, movement management, and a natural shape. Ultralu™ fabric is soft, smooth and powerfully supportive.”

enlite bra | front zip

“Ready in a zip—we added a zippered front to this revolutionary running bra for ease of use, to go with the movement management and natural shape it's known for.”

Enlite Bra | weave + back closure

“The same revolutionary running bra you love for its movement management and natural shape, with a strappy back and sweetheart-inspired neckline.”


Champions of change

Taking steps to reduce our footprint across our business, while creating a positive, lasting impact on the world.
— lululemon

lululemon’s stance on sustainability:

  • “We are a model for community-led sustainability including our extended lululemon family of ambassadors, vendors, and guests.”

  • “We educate, inspire, and challenge our communities to become leaders in sustainability.”

  • “We expand our collaborations and partnerships to include brands, suppliers, and NGOs that share our sustainability vision.”

  • “We communicate our sustainability efforts with honesty, transparency, authenticity, and integrity.”

How are they doing this?

Click below to read more on lululemon’s responsible supply chain and their footprint.

lululemon modern day slavery act

A note from lululemon:

“To ensure that suppliers uphold our VCoE requirements, our in-house experts and commissioned third-party assessors conduct announced, semi-announced, or unannounced assessments, as well as subsequent follow-up and verification visits. We assess all facilities at least every 18 months and, at least annually, conduct on-site visits to all strategic facilities (covering approximately 80%) of our production. We assess subcontractors selectively based on the presence of identified risk factors.

Our core approach to managing supply chain risk is to establish and maintain long-term partnerships with suppliers that share our values. We believe that ongoing engagement best positions us to understand issues on the ground, build strong relationships with suppliers, enhance transparency, and collaborate to proactively address issues.

We evaluate the effectiveness of our work through:

  • Compliance monitoring: we maintain VCoE assessment facility ratings, tracking all related assessment findings and resolutions.

  • Target setting: we set goals for specific performance areas under our VCoE and our FMW Standard, such as providing document access or eliminating recruitment fees.

  • Assessing feedback: we listen to feedback from our stakeholders and supply chain partners and continually evaluate and improve our approach to addressing supply chain issues.”


All in all the lululemon sports bra is the best I’ve tried and highly recommend purchasing. I know I’ll be heading to the store to pickup a few more soon!

article information:

Location: Physical Culture Gym in Lisle
Photographer: Jack Grooms
Coach: Mike Sell
Pre- workout: Jungle Shot

lululemon enlite sports bra review

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