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I heard of Bible journaling months ago and it wasn't until a few weeks ago, I tried it out. After what seemed like days of scrolling Pinterest for inspiration I found two designs which seemed more my speed- aka zero artistic skill needed. While I'm not the next Van Gogh, I think I've seemed to get the hang of Bible journaling and  I quite enjoy it! I keep the current supplies in my Bible carrier and the rest in a craft box where I rotate them out. 



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What I like about this particular carrier is how spacious it is. I was surprised how many things I can store in there. In fact, I still have room for additional supplies! To the left I keep a notebook to jot down service notes and more lengthy journaling/ devotionals.The three zip pouches are home to washi tape and pens. The right side contains my Bible, smaller journal and washi tape packs and clips. To save room in the zip pouches, I kept them on the cardboard piece they came in and tucked it under the flap. This makes it easier to see what patterns I have and choose which tapes to use.


She Reads Truth is my favorite Bible because it includes helpful background knowledge on the chapters, maps, charts, timelines and pages of colorful key verses.

She Reads Truth Bible

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2018 Reading Challenge
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