Unboxing + ELDE Skincare Review

I didn't realize how dehydrated my skin was until I started using the ELDE skincare products. I assumed that because I was eating healthy, taking my vitamins, drinking plenty of water and getting enough sleep every night, my skin was healthy too. Oh, goodness was I wrong. You see, I learned despite me taking the proper steps to ensure my health, my skin is not going to look or feel healthy unless I use the correct products for my face. To this day I can vividly remember the difference from my first use of the skincare products. I felt as if my skin was taking a deep breath and coming up from air after being underwater too long. My skin reacted well to the products from the first use, and continue to do so, to this day. I want to break down why these products work so well with my skin and share how I use them in my skincare routine/ why I'm on board with this brand.

About the brand

ELDE is a skincare/ cosmetic company founded in Forde, Norway. Six years ago the idea to create a brand "inspired by modern Norwegian lifestyle and rituals" was born. Inspired by Scandinavian rituals, ELDE has made a "commitment to authenticity". They source organic ingredients globally, and all of the products are free from toxins synthetic ingredients found in most of the skincare and makeup brands/ products, today. My favorite part and why I fell in love with the company (obviously besides how amazing the products are) is because of the story. Y'all know how I am an advocate for stepping outside of your comfort zone and challenging the "norm". Well, this is exactly what ELDE's founder, Vemund Eldegard did. When I was emailing him, he shared how frustrated he was with the lack of clean and natural products available on the Norwegian market. At fourteen years old, he set out to redefine the standard of beauty and created a company that truly values wholesome, organic, chemical- free and harm-free ingredients. I think his story is truly inspiring and I am thankful he did not conform to using those other products. My skin has never felt better and I have never felt more confident. Thank you, Vemund!

Unboxing ELDE

Coming home to see this package waiting for me at my front door made me feel like a little kid on Christmas morning. I was so excited and couldn't wait to unbox my goodies! I honestly couldn't tell you what I was more excited to use first. The products ELDE kindly gifted to me consist of: the Enzyme Treatment, Creamy Cleaner, Balancing Treatment, and two lip & cheek rush products in the colors "plum wine" and "midnight pink".

Let's start off by talking about the cream cleanser. I see why this is their best selling product! The formulation is incredible. My skin feels like silk after using this. I pair it with my Clarisonic and the two work like magic for my skin. I am more apprehensive about what I put on my skin- specifically my face, because I have such sensitive skin. Seriously, it's ridiculous! Anyway, I like this product because the ingredients in it are not too abrasive or exfoliating for my skin. This cleanser is made from grapefruit oil- which is great for balancing more oily skin, and sage. These two powerhouse ingredients work well to balance the oil in my T-zone while also fighting my pesky breakouts and moisturizing the skin. I find most cleansers are too drying when they contain oil-balancing and acne fighting ingredients. Since I have combination skin and neither the acne nor the oily skin are a major concern/ priority for me, this product gives me peace of mind knowing I can address the over production of oils and breakouts when needed, without having to panic and find an entirely new cleanser to use. I feel more comfortable knowing one product can transition with me as my skin concerns change.

Elde Skincare

As I mentioned earlier, because I have sensitive skin, I'm cautious as to which exfoliators I choose to use. Most of the ones on the market are too aggressive and strip my skin of the essential oils and I'm left feeling overly exfoliated and dry- worst thing ever! The enzyme treatment is gentle enough and I feel like I'm at the spa when I use it! I play it safe and use the exfoliator once per week. In the winter I was using it every other week, but because of the change in season, I use it more frequently because I sweat more in summer. I hate the feeling of clogged pores. Plus, my makeup never lays correctly when I skip exfoliation. The cool part is bamboo is used in this product to help with the exfoliation process- neat right?!?!

Scandinavian Organic and Vegan Skincare

My favorite of the skincare items is the balancing treatment. I actually screamed with excitement seeing how fast this product works. I applied this on my freshly cleansed face before bed, and when I woke up I noticed a difference in my skin's texture and tone. My skin appeared more brighter and it felt less tight. My mom even noticed and said how wonderful I looked! I'm usually not a fan of more liquid products, but this baby is truly incredible. I call it my miracle product. I love how glow-y it makes my skin look and it lays fabulously under makeup. It's giving my highlighter a run for it's money. The same as the cleanser, there is grapefruit seed oil in this formulation. There is also frankincense, which works to repair skin tissue (think acne scars, etc.), and it regenerates skin cells, while keeping the existing skin tissue and cells healthy.

Scandinavian Lip Products and Skincare

I absolutely hate lipgloss. I hate the feeling of sticky lips and my hair getting stuck in it, if the wind blows or I move too quickly. Well, all this changed when I tested out the lip & cheek rush. My hatred for lipgloss excludes this brand. Seriously, this is a magical product. The formulation isn't sticky. It isn't quite matte but I don't feel like I'm wearing anything on my lips, when I have this product on. I also love how creamy and moisturizing it is. My lips tend to be more dry and I'm always self-conscious about my lips looking crusty or dry when I wear any type of lip product other than chapstick. Not once do I have to worry about this when I'm wearing the ELDE products. I can confidently show off my lip look without a second thought about it smudging or fading. I can go hours without touching it up. I think I went close to  6 or 7 hours before I reapplied and I only did so because I was eating a bunch of snacks. I always grab one of these lip glosses when I'm headed to events because of the reason for not needing to touch up my lip look every hour. Also, I love how the formula includes coconut oil! My skin looooooooves coconut oil. This works quite well for when I decide to use this product as both a lip and cheek product. The coconut oil helps the product to blend into my skin, while still providing moisture and not drying out my cheeks. 


Thank you again to ELDE for gifting me these products. I can 100% say they are fabulous and I recommend the brand to anyone in need of quality products.


I will have a separate review of the ELDE lip and cheek rush article live on here, in a few weeks- check back soon!



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