Exploring The Town | Peace, Naperville

Walking into Peace, shoppers are greeted with enthusiastic employees and a table full of goodies. Peace is located in downtown Naperville, Illinois. Owner Kate Mason centered the shop around "conscious living". The merchandise is eco- friendly and cruelty- free. Some products are even locally sourced! I love that the boutique is mindful about people, animals and the environment. 

Peace offers a selection of beauty products. From essential oils, deodorant and bath bars there is something for everyone. What's great about this store is that shoppers can have peace of mind (pun not intended) knowing the items in the store are safe. Not only are the products great for the environment and our furry friends, but they are non-toxic, natural and often organic, making them great for us too. Personally I love that the staff takes the time to read through the ingredients in each product before choosing to sell it. This shows that they take are mindful and willing to help the community by taking care of our bodies the natural and chemically free way. Keep an eye out for the workshops Peace has to offer. There are many great ones about how to further eliminate toxins from the body.

This is only one section of the goodies this shop has to offer. There are oodles of additional pampering products for you to discover. I like that there are multiple scents for the products. Oftentimes this is how I find out I like a smell. For instance, I would have never thought to use lemongrass deodorant until I saw it in the store. Peace encourages my love for the beauty industry with all of the options. The bath salts and bath bars smell incredible. Too bad they aren't edible- they smell good enough to eat!

Bath Bars

Bath Bars

Soap and Bracelets

Soap and Bracelets

Salt Baths

Salt Baths

What I noticed browsing the boutique is the intention behind the displays. Everything is set up with a purpose. The flow of the store makes it seem less overwhelming as I search for what products, props or clothes to purchase. 

they have an abundance of Notebooks!

There is a variety of tools that aid to one's yoga practice. These are my favorites!

I love how vibrant the necklaces are. There's one for every outfit and occasion!

untitled (13 of 65).jpg

Peace is not just for women. Many of the items can be used by both men and women. They also have a section dedicated to men. 

The display has a few of their shaving products to choose from. 

These tee-shirts are my favorite! They are incredibly soft and easy to move around in. I have the "world peace" tee (center shirt) in the right photo. It's perfect for yoga or walking around downtown Naperville. I love the fabric and how easy it is to transition to the next season.

Peace also has an entire table of rings, bracelets and necklaces to choose from! This is my favorite part of the store. I love discovering what saying is on which ring and trying on the different metals, seeing which new treasure will go home with me. 

If you're in the area, I highly recommend stopping by the store. I'd love to hear about your experience and what your favorite part is. Don't forget to take a yoga class upstairs at their studio, Abhyaasa!