For The Golfing Dad | 5 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is right around the corner. This year give dad something he’s going to love and remember for years to come. Help him spice up his golf routine and wardrobe with these 5 brands. All of his friends will be asking where he picked his swag and they’ll be hoping for future Father’s Day gifts as good as the one you just bought yours. Check out these 5 brands for inspiration and explore their websites to discover something your dad will love!

PXG CLub Fitting

PXG is self proclaimed to be the “world’s finest golf clubs, engineered for golfers at every level”. Set up a club fitting for dad at one of their locations and receive a professional fitting with a PXG master fitter. They are trained by the engineers who produce the PXG clubs and are equipped with “a complete matrix of premium shafts that have been carefully selected for superior performance”. At the fitting, they analyze swing data and performance goals in order to effectively recommend the best club configuration for maximized distance, accuracy and overall enjoyment to increase performance for the next game.

swag Golf 

Swag Golf pushes “the limits in a conservative sport that isn’t evolving to meet changing styles”. The brand prioritizes music, boldness, fun and golf and seeks to express it on and off the course. Their personality shows with the merchandise produced. Each product- whether that be putters, covers or other accessories, will spruce up your gear and make your next game more fun.


They get their name from the Rhodesian Ridgeback, a dog bred in Africa for hunting lions. Like the founders, the “Ridgeback perpetually craves activity and has an unmistakable ridge that runs down its back.” This inspired the co-founders to “always be ready for the next adventure”.

Athletic Training Session | Midwest Strength + Performance

Purchase a session package from the coaches at Midwest Strength and Performance, who specialize in athletic training and increasing performance while reducing the risk of injury. The coaches will take dad through a series of drills to aid in hip mobility, allowing for full range of motion. Since golf is a ballistic sport, which involves sudden movements and is very much one sided, it can often create an imbalance within the body and lead to muscle fatigue, overuse and injury. The coaches will strengthen the muscles and help to restore harmony to the body and condition muscles to withstand all those swings.

When you call or email, let them know you're interested in setting up an athletic training session specific for golf.
They have in person and online training available.

Midwest Strength + Performance Gym Athletic Training Session for Golfers


This next gift ranges in type and price point ($19.99- $250.00). Be sure to take a look at their website to read about which fits your needs the best. Arccos Golf is “the leading provider of big data, advanced analytics and machine learning insights for the global golf industry”. They are a “GPS-based, hardware and software system” that automatically records shots taken by golfers. They have recorded over 60 million swings on courses worldwide. Arccos analyses every shot in real-time to provide the player with real, data-driven insight to aid their performance in a measurable way. This takes the guessing out of practice and is suitable for all skill levels.

Father's Day Golf Gift Ideas

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