Finding Happiness |Body Positivity

I don’t know how else to start writing this without being completely honest first - just like you, I have had my struggles. My story is in regards to finding positivity and self love, two things that everyone needs. I hope that I can inspire people to love themselves and their own bodies by showing that my not-so- "perfect" body makes me happy just the way it is.

When I was 8 years old, I thought that I was “fat” - “fat” as in ugly, not curvy and beautiful (association changes everything). I never liked the way I looked and at such a young age, of course this impacted and worsened my mental health issues. I have suffered through mental health issues all my life, and without going into too much detail, I have virtually been depressed since the 3rd grade. This not only made me hate my body even more, but it affected my friendships in school. I remember one day in 4th grade, one of my peers came up to me and said “how come you never smile? Someone told me the other day that you hate smiling.”

At first, I was so shocked that someone had started a “rumor” about me, and albeit, as mean as it was to spread that rumor, it really wasn’t a rumor after all. Of course, I went home and cried to myself, just as I always did. It was like that everyday until freshman year in high school, until I started thinking that life didn’t have to be so bad if I wasn’t alive anymore. The suicidal thoughts were flooding in, and in addition to creating tensions with my family, I became more internally broken than ever. My mental health got so terribly bad that I was choking on my own tears every single day - I even went for additional group treatment (which didn’t help at all).

Finally, though, in high school I started making real friends, things that I didn’t have since before I was 8 years old. Honestly, just being with people and talking with them about anything and everything really made me happy. I also started spending more time with my family, especially my mom. My mom and I are super close now, and I couldn’t be more thankful for our relationship.

Long story short, I learned that being with happy people made me happy, and that being happy myself made me want to make other people happy. To this day, I love meeting and reaching out to new people - it brings me such a great joy to help others. I recently turned my Instagram account into a “body positivity” account, not only because I firmly believe that everyone is super beautiful no matter their shape, but also because I want to make people feel good and happy. I would never wish the feelings of my darkest moments on anyone, and I want everyone to know that they are worthy of love, and, most importantly, their own self love.

As an advocate for body positivity, I encourage all to not judge others based on their physical appearance. What I always do if I accidentally make a false, negative judgement about someone, I quickly think of a false (or true!) positive judgement about that same person. Not only does this help me limit the amount of negative judgements that I make, but it also creates more positivity in my mind and soul. Stay beautiful, everyone! Xx


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About the Author:

Lexy Spreitzer is a college student studying business and fashion. She has a passion for caramel lattes, corgis and making the world a better place. Recently changing her Instagram to a "body positivity" theme, she wants to make sure everyone feels beautiful in the skin they are in.