5 Tips For Practicing Golf During The Off- Season

If you’re in the midwest like I am, you know how unpredictable the weather can be. Once autumn hits, it can either be 102 or feel like -22. There’s hardly an in-between. Along with the seasonal changes come the inevitable golf dilemma- you know, debating if you should just pack everything up and move to a year round warmer climate so you can golf pretty much 24/7. Well, fortunately there are ways to still enjoy golf in the off season. I’ve compiled a short list of things to do in order to keep you in top shape. There’s a change in season, but that doesn’t mean your swing needs to hibernate with it.

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1.Keep Working on your swing

As mentioned above, if you’re in an all- seasons climate there is roughly 6-8 months of unplayable golf time outdoors. Don’t let the limitation of being outside keep you from golfing. There are plenty of ways and places to work on your swing year round. Plus, when the weather warms up and you hit the course, others will be surprised that you don’t need X amount of time to get your game back.

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2. Stay Active and strengthen your muscles

It’s important to stay active during the off season and keep both body and mind sharp. Find a fitness routine that works for your lifestyle and one you can keep longterm to help you when golf season comes back around. Not sure what to do or where to start? Email Mike Sell for a free consultation and he can pair you with a fitness routine based on your golf game/ goals. Plus, his personalizes online coaching is only $125 monthly. It’s important to be able to move with the club and not be in pain during a game. Tight hips, back and shoulder pain are less than ideal- especially when you’re spending hours on the course and trying to calculate your next move. Don’t let weakness, fatigue or general pain stop you from playing the game.

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3. Maintain Focus & Awareness

Golf isn’t just a physical sport- it’s a mental one, as well. Keep your mind sharp by engaging in brain games, and activities. Take time regularly to tune the world out and tune into you. Personally, I’m a fan of meditation- there are tons of apps and free YouTube videos to aid with this. I also gravitate towards Sudoku and adult brain game apps. They progressively increase in difficulty while challenging different parts of the brain to ensure brain health and maintaining cognitive skills.

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4. Evaluate your equipment

It’s important to make sure you’re using the correct equipment and that it has been fit for you. PXG has club fittings across the globe and is 100% free- “experience the technology and innovation in the full collection of PXG clubs and custom-fit you for the ideal set to elevate your game and lower your scores”.

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5. Try a simulator

When Phil and I went for the club fitting the master fitter told us they recommend serious golfers invest in a simulator to practice year round. While you won’t feel the breeze on the course or drive a cart around, you will still practice your swing and be able to use your set, keeping your in the game all 12 months. Plus the statistics of the simulator will help you improve on the areas needed and give you in the moment feedback to correct what is needed.

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Tips for golfing during the off-season

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