My 7 Favorite Men's Wear Trends | Part 2

A few months ago I wrote an article on My 7 Favorite Men’s Wear Trends. It quickly became one of my top posts and after requests, I thought I would put together a part two!


Depending on who you ask, man bags are either hot or totally not. Well, I’m in full support of the functional yet stylish accessory.

2. Camo Jackets

The “green thing” as I like to call it hit me out of nowhere three years ago. I went my entire life being unaffected by the color green then BAM I woke up one day loving it. I blame my newfound love for free on this camo trend.

3. Navy

Blue is my favorite color: light, dark and every hue in between- but specifically navy. I love how this color can transform an outfit. Plus, Navy suits are one of my favorites. They’re a classic!

4. Black Jeans

Despite the rep (at least on Pinterest), black jeans aren’t just for the angsty teens. This style of denim is multifunctional.

5. Pocket Squares

I think these are a great way to spruce up a suit and also show personality. There are a plethora of colors and patters to choose from and can really tie an outfit together.

6. Colored Suits

It’s always fun to shake things up a bit- especially with seasonal colors.

7. Glasses

Another great way to spruce up an outfit, while adding a bit more dimension to the face.

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