My 7 Favorite Men’s Wear Trends

There’s nothing more in season than self- confidence and these trends.

Fashion has always been an interest of mine. I think it’s incredibly fun and empowering being able to dress yourself based on different interest and moods. I love having the ability to try out different trends and express myself. It’s not as major as deciding to chop all my hair off. Clothing is a way to say what you’re thinking , feeling- what you’re trying to communicate, without saying a word.

I’ve been lost in a never ending Pinterest feed full of in season outfits and the hottest trends. Men’s fashion has heavily impacted the content I have repinned lately. Men, these are what girls find hot aka wear this and I’ll fall in love with you ;) Okay, back to business.. check out these seven trends any man can rock. As much as us ladies may favor these, as long as you wear them for yourself and feel comfortable doing so, you’ll look great! There’s nothing more stylish or in season than self confidence, kindness, and these trends.

1. Chelsea Boots

Let me just start by saying the day Harry Styles was spotted wearing these, my love for this sleek boot was solidified. There’s no turning back once you fall for the Chelsea boot.

Men's Fashion Street Style
men's chelsea boots
Chelsea Boots Men's Outfit

2. Cuffed Pants

Um SWOON. I love the way this finishes the outfit off. That’s all. Thank u, next trend.

menswear cuffed pants
Men's Cuffed Pants

Way to give me a heart attack: cuffed pants + loafers = DEAD. Love the way these two compliment each other.


3. Sneakers

Sole Trees is an account on Instagram sharing amazing sneaker photos- plus their own cool product photography. They’ve been my go to for sneaker inspiration and updates.

Zane Roebuck Personal Trainer and Sneaker Model

4. Dress Shirts with rolled up sleeves

Dress shirt with rolled up sleeves
Men's Wear Dress Shirt
Men's Dress Shirt Cuffed Sleeves

5. Hats

Not necessarily dad hats (okay, well they’re cute too) but fedoras and homburg - they’re hot AF.

menswear hats
Men's Hats

6. scarves

Scarves are a great way to add texture to the outfit, while keeping warm during the colder months.

7. pea coats

These are great for both casual and more formal wear. They can be dressed up or down depending on the mood or occasion. Plus, they’re easy to accessorize.

menswear winter coats
menswear coat
men'f fashion coats

TopMan is one of my favorite men’s apparel brands. If you’re not located to one of their stores, pop into your local Nordstrom and they can help style you with this season’s latest men’s wear trends.

Topshop It. Discover the new campaign from Topshop at Nordstrom.
Hottest Men's Fashion Trends

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Topshop It. Discover the new campaign from Topshop at Nordstrom.

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