Review: Rimmel London Lipstick

Hi Friends,

I finally did it. I gave into the devil on my shoulder telling me to buy more Rimmel London lipstick; And oh man, am I glad that I did! I decided to pick up three lovely shades for fall. Two of the lipsticks are apart of the 'Kate Moss Matte' collection. The other, is in the original 'Lasting Perfection' collection. The pigmentation of Rimmel lipsticks are phenomenal. I don't have to load the product on my lips. One, maybe two coats (if I'm feeling generous). The only tip I have when using this lipsticks is this: If you have rather pink lips, like I do, I recommend lightly brushing your tinted moisturizer, foundation or concealer over your lips to create a more neutral base. This will allow the lipstick to look its true color when applied. The only complaint about the Kate Moss Matte Rimmel Lipsticks I have is that when photographed with the flash, the lipstick no longer looks matte. It comes across as glossy. If you are looking for a matte lipstick to wear for a special event and will be pictured, avoid this line. It will not give you the true Matte look you desire. Other than that, I have zero complaints. The formulation of the products is moisturizing and does not look crust on my lips throughout the duration of time when I wear the lipsticks.

Lipstick number 31 is the Lasting Perfection Lipstick. Lipsticks 30 & 104 are the Kate Moss Lasting Perfection Lipstick.

If you pop out to the shop to purchase these shades, snap a picture wearing it and tweet me or tag me in it on either Twitter or Instagram! I want to see your London look.