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If you haven’t noticed, sneakers are the next big thing and in high demand. You’ll see displays through online ads, Pinterest board takeovers, influencer promotions and they’re deemed a major fashion trend. People spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on sneakers- but what happens to these hot new shoes when they’re not being worn?  According to Forbes, sneakers are a “$1 billion secondary market”. Sneaker culture, primarily driven by millennials, has increased internationally by 40% since 2004- equating the sneaker market to an estimated $55 billion. In 2015, the U.S. alone has seen a growth of 8% and contributes “$17.2 billion in sales”. The sneaker community is predicted to reach $95.14 billion by 2025.

Sneakers have become more than the shoes worn to the gym or around town; they’re a an investment- a lifestyle. Sole Trees founder, Evan Weston, saw a need within the industry. Recognizing this, he created the missing link within the ever-growing sneaker community. He believes “great sneakers take you to great places”. Sole Trees is “stylish, handcrafted reliable support for all your footwear”. Designed to protect the shoe while aiding in an aesthetically pleasing sneaker display, Sole Trees is the superior way to protect shoes from external factors such as scratching, dust and general wear and tear.

sole trees shoe tree

designed to travel

Kick travel wear and tear to the curb. Sole Trees “features a two piece detachable toe guard to prevent wear and tear”. This is perfect for packing shoes in a suitcase or carry on/ travel bag. The shoe tree helps the sneaker maintain its shape by mimicking the mold of your foot. This helps to prevent the shoe from caving in and avoiding permanent deformation during travel- because crushed and creased sneakers are never on trend.

Tip: Take it a step further with the Flannel Dust Bag to place the shoes in when traveling, as well.

Shoe Shapers

built for display

Sneaker aficionados know the ins and outs of setting up a display. However, most lack this one crucial element- the one that makes or breaks the entire collection. Kick it up a notch with Sole Trees to create an unrivaled arrangement. Fit for Sneaker walls or drop front cases, Sole Trees supports the sneaker “from the inside out”.

“Prioritizing shoe care, Sole Trees refuses to ignore an easily overlooked part of the routine; the shoe tree. With smart design and a streamlined construction, Sole Trees keeps the original shape of luxury sneakers, everyday gym trainers and classic leather silhouettes.”

Sneaker Shape Support

Sole Trees was stated with the belief “sneakers deserve better”. As I’ve come to use and love my own pair of Sole Trees, I couldn’t agree more.

Model:  Phil

Model: Phil

Model:  Phil

Model: Phil

“Sole Trees started with the belief that sneakers deserve better; the shoes and the people that wear them. Sole Tree strives to deliver premium shoe products to the underserved sneaker community. “

Back in 2017, Sole Trees launched, receiving high praise from various respected individuals within the community. Rapidly, Sole Trees became the talk of the town- appearing in various media outlets, Instagram influencer pages, and purchased by collectors and sneaker lovers, everywhere. They established their place within the industry as the “best show tree for sneakers on the market- hands down”. I can not wait to see the upcoming products and collaborations co-owners Evan Weston and Phillip Carlson have in store.

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*This post is not sponsored by Sole Trees. All opinions and photos are my own.

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