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At the beginning of the summer I had the pleasure of staying at Harrison House Bed & Breakfast located in Downtown Naperville. The B&B is a "late-Victorian" home built around 1904. I decided to take a few days off for a "staycation" and the B&B seemed like the perfect match. My wonderful assistant, Rachel and I stayed in the "Victorian Suite" and enjoyed strolling around Naperville in between exploring the many rooms of the B&B. What attracted me to Harrison House is the historical aspect. I am a lover of all things antiques and history, so naturally, I gravitated towards this lovely establishment versus the newly built hotels in the area. Plus, I like the personalization and attentiveness of the smaller venue. My stay at Harrison House was nothing less than luxurious. A queen size Tempur- Pedic, a plethora of movies, the soaking tub, allergy friendly breakfast options, and a cozy front porch to lounge- oh my! I was so sad when I had to get back to real life and leave this cozy place. My heart still remains and the B&B. I think overall my favorite thing about Harrison House is the friendliness of everyone. From the guests to the staff, there was a constant smile perched on each individual's face- especially around breakfast. 


Scroll down for your sneak peek into Harrison House Bed & Breakfast!

The Victorian Room


One of the most difficult things when traveling for me, is coordinating meals with to accommodate my food allergies. I am gluten and peanut free. Most hotels have minimal options for allergy friendly snacks/ meals. I was over the moon when I saw on Harrison House's website that they cater to allergies/ dietary restrictions. I was a bit nervous about breakfast but my nerves were eased when Debi brought out the Pinterest worthy plate. Breakfast easily became the part of the morning I looked forward to the most. 

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Harrison House Bed and Breakfast
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I had the chance to explore two other rooms in the B&B. The others sadly were housing guests, but I can image they are as equally stunning as the guest rooms I was able to see. 

The Garden Room

Vintage Makeup Table
Antique Overhead Light
Historic Hotels in Chicago
Vintage Bedroom
Vintage Table Lamp
Vintage Painting
Victorian Bathroom
Blue Bathroom Inspiration and Towel Fold

This bathroom is an absolute dream. The perfectly folded towels, the shower head and everything in between aids in having a perfectly relaxing stay!


The Hideaway

Antique Desk
Victorian Bedroom Ideas

The front porch

Victorian Outdoor Eating Area
Victorian Home Front Porch
Harrison House Bed and Breakfast Historical Home in Naperville Illinois

The next time you're in Naperville/ Chicago, I highly recommend staying at Harrison House Bed & Breakfast. I promise you will not be disappointed. Thank you for such a wonderful stay, Debbie!

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