Summer 2017 Goals

Last Wednesday was Summer Solstice. I'll admit, I had to Google what this was all about. I learned that in the Northern hemisphere it's considered the longest day of the year. Plus, it was the first *official* day of summer. How cool!


I sat down to think about the previous season and life: my accomplishments, lessons, strengths and weaknesses. I decided to set a few goals for Summer 2017:

1. Invest more in others- I want to make plans with a minimum of 2 people each week.


2. Be adventurous. What's that saying? "You're only live once"? 😉


3. Speak up- oftentimes I find myself agreeing to projects, work engagements, meet ups or activities that really aren't interesting to me or bringing me joy. I'm making it a goal to do things that make me feel truly happy.


4. Listen to other's story- I want to learn about 2 people's stories per month (of course it can me more). So, reach out- I'd love to hear yours!


5. Start a Bible study- Interested in joining? You're more than welcome! No need to worry about your familiarity with faith. There aren't any "experts". We're all equal!


6. Make "someday" today- I've found myself thinking "oh when I..." or "someday I'll do...". ENOUGH- those are all excuses. Who says I can't do that very thing today? The only person holding me back, is myself. I refuse to be my own limitation.


7. Take risks- similar to goal #6, I want to try the things I'm scared to do, get to know new people, love unconditionally and live fearlessly. After all, fearless living is recognizing the risks and what terrifies you, but pushing forward and doing it anyway.


8. Volunteer with 30 friends! Yes, you read that correctly- thirty! If you want to get involved and make a difference, send me a message.


9. Be patient with myself- I'm recovering from a foot injury and I've been really hard on myself. I have two weeks left in my walking and then I start physical therapy. It's going to take time, and I'm going to recover at my own speed. I'm making it a point now, not to compare my recovery process to others. We all heal differently.


10. Make it apparent to not only tell, but show those in my life that I love them. We can be incredibly hard on ourselves and judgmental. I don't want someone to ever question how amazing, unique and wonderful they are when they are with me.


What are Y O U R summer goals?