5 Tips For Getting Organized For Your Wedding

Congratulations on the engagement! I know what you must be feeling like right now: excited, ready to take on the world and maybe a little bit overwhelmed. Don’t worry, I put together 5 of my tips to help you focus and plan the wedding! It can easily become overwhelming thinking of what needs to be done. With these tips, I guarantee you will have a clearer idea as to how you can manage your wedding planning and feel more organized.


Take the time to sit down, free from distractions and make your list. Write down as many things as you can thing of that you need to do. It’s okay if the list is one or ten pages long. The point is to start gathering everything into one place to reference.



Now that you have an idea of the tasks that need completion, how are you going to do it? Creating a plan will help ensure you stay on task. Maybe pick three things each day to take care of or set weekly goals. By making time every day (or every few days, however often you would like) will create a routine that makes it easier and less overwhelming to actually get longer projects and to-do lists done. I like adding a little box before or after each to-do, so I can check it off when that task is complete.

Purchasing a planner (also known as an agenda or calendar) will become your best friend. Pop over to Target (dollar aisle – holla!) or your local office supply store and check out what they have. Being able to write down the tasks needing completion on a certain day will help keep you on track. Plus, this is great when scheduling appointments to pick up wedding invitations, meeting with the venue and everyone else helping you plan the big day.



Yes, there is a lot to do. No, it is not okay for you to feel stressed and burnt out. Remember to take care of yourself during this time. After all, you are planning what is going to be one of the most happy and memorable days of your life. You don’t want to look back years from now and only remember how stressed you were. It’s okay to take a break. At least once a week pamper yourself. There are plenty of ways to do this at home, without spending money. Try out a DIY facemark and follow along on YouTube to a yoga routine.



All of the weight does not have to be on your shoulders. A wedding is about both people! Don’t be afraid to include your partner in the planning process. Having an extra set of hands (and eyes!) is always beneficial. As organized as you may be, you can’t possibly do this on your own. If you can, then you’re a superhero. Plus, what better way to get excited than planning this day together? Before you know it, the wedding will be here and you two can look at all that you accomplished together, to make it happen.



Let’s be real for a minute. Not every single wish and dream for our wedding can happen. It’s sad, I know, but we need to be flexible and okay with this. Your partner might not like the lemon cake you love and the price of the centerpieces may be way above budget. Try not to spend too much time focusing on what might not be able to happen. You can be sad or disappointed of course, but regroup and tackle the next task. When one thing doesn’t work out, think of it as a chance to learn about what else is popular now. This is your time to be creative. Who knows, maybe you will start the next big wedding trend.

Those are my 5 tips to help you stay organized during wedding season. Give them a try and I would love to hear how they helped you!

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I originally wrote this article for Jamie Reinhart Photography

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