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T-minus two days until Christmas. Steph and I decided to put our mind together to create an easy to make holiday drink that will be the talk of your party/ celebration. We spent a bit of time scrolling through Pinterest to find a recipe we thought sounded good. Unfortunately, everything sounded so bland or was super extra looking and if I’m honest, weren’t about to put three hours of work in for a drink that would be gone in 5 minutes. Plus, everything sounded disgusting paired with bourbon. We had a few ingredients left from our evening of baking and we wanted to experiment with the flavors, and from that, this recipe was created!

Holiday Party Drink Recipe

Whiskey Acres and Dandies kindly sponsored this post- thank you to both of these amazing brands. Both are local to the Chicagoland area- how cool!

First thing’s first, grab the whiskey! Steph and I decided to create a vegan recipe. All items are dairy-free and can also be easily replicated for those who prefer otherwise. This recipe is not gluten free as Whiskey is used. Dandies (the marshmallows), however are gluten-free. For my celiac or gluten sensitive friends, replace the bourbon with your favorite allergy friendly alcohol of choice.

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Whiskey Recipe
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winter whiskey

Serves 1


  • 1 Candy Cane

  • 2 tbsp of Honey


  • 1 shot of Whiskey Acres Bourbon

  • 1 cup of Silk Vanilla Almond Creamer

  • 1/2 cup of ice

  • Dairy Free Whipped Cream

  • Dandies Peppermint Marshmallows

  • Crushed candy cane


Place two candy canes in a ziplock bag and roll over them with a rolling pin to break them into tiny pieces. Once completed, pour 2 tablespoons of honey onto a dish and at an angle, dip the drinking glass into the honey, slowly turning it into the substance until the rim is fully lined with honey. Next, repeat the process with the crushed candy cane. Place the ice in the glass followed by the bourbon and slowly mix in the almond creamer until the bourbon and creamer have blended. Add desired amount of whipped cream topped with Dandies marshmallows and remaining candy cane pieces. Enjoy!


  • This is a vegan recipe. Substitute almond creamer for your choice of dairy product.

  • Use 1/2 shot of Bourbon for a less strong drink.

  • For a sweeter taste, mix in a drop or two of honey

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These adorable glasses are from Target. Steph and I found them when we were roaming around for candy canes and thought they would be PERFECT for this post!

Christmas Drink Ideas

The peppermint Dandies marshmallows compliment the vanilla-bourbon flavor and add a bit of winter spice to this drink. Add as many marshmallows on top as your heart desires!

Dandie's Vegan Marshmallows Chicago


Peppermint Alcoholic Holiday Drink

Sponsored by Whiskey Acres and Dandies.

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