the lotus root ye pillow

Do you see the woman in the photo above looking incredibly peaceful? Well, this could be you. I'll let you in on a little secret. The key to her state of relaxation is the eye pillow. Let me tell you what an eye pillow is exactly. It is a handmade slice of heaven.

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Modesty's Misconception


Ultimately, when we get dressed in the morning, we are setting the tone for how we not only view but respect God and how we are welcoming the world to perceive us/Him. Think of it like this: would you feel more inclined to take legal advice from a lawyer who arrives to meetings dressed in baggy jeans and a wrinkled tee shirt, or would you seek council from a lawyer who is wearing a pantsuit and professional business attire?

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let your natural beauty shine


It is easy to use makeup as a literal mask, hiding behind it for the fear of letting others see our natural beauty. What’s ironic is the beauty industry encourages natural beauty, yet promotes “no makeup, makeup looks”. There is something contradicting about this message. How can we truly be confident in our looks and in our own skin if the “no makeup” look is achieved by wearing makeup?

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Clothed in His grace


Have you ever found yourself trying to imagine the garments women wore during Biblical times? I've often found myself picturing them wearing long and colorful clothing when I read the Bible. That's a bit different than how we choose to clothe ourselves today.

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what to binge watch on netflix

Macaila Britton, Writer

I have a love hate relationship with starting a new show. I love the fact that I am immersed into a new storyline, fall in love with characters and find new actors to keep up with. The only downside, is when the show ends. What in the world do you do next? I've created a list of my favorite shows to binge watch. Pick a show, grab a snack and start watching!

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"the girl on the train" movie review

The Girl on the Train Review

The amount of passion and devotion Emily Blunt has playing her role, is why the movie exceeded my expectations.


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questions i need answered in the Gilmore Girls revival

Gilmore Girls Revival Review

Hello fellow Gilmore Girls fans! I bet you have a few questions and expectations as to what the four 90 minute episodes are going to cover. If you're not caught up, don't worry.  Go finish binge watching!!

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10 things to do before christmas|part 2


Without further ado, I give you part two. Here are ten more things you and your loved ones can do together, before Christmas!

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How to survive church retreats: Leader edition


Sharing a suite with 10 thirteen year olds can be pretty intense. I was taught new lingo, introduced to some funky music and had the chance to vicariously relive my middle school days (yikes!).


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17 Movie releases in 2017


I have a great feeling about this year. There are quite a few things I am looking forward to- especially in the entertainment industry. I have watched trailers for upcoming movies that will be released throughout the year. Here are seventeen films I am most eager to see.

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10 things to do before christmas |part 1


Less than two weeks until Christmas, woohoo!!! I have come up with a list of ten things you can do to help get you into the Holiday spirit. Plus, everything on this list is great to do with a friend!


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10 ways to get into the Christmas spirit


Since turkey day has come and gone, it's time to switch gears and get into Christmas mode. To help you do so, I have come up with the ultimate list for how to get into the holiday spirit. From binge watching movies, to holiday baking and everything in between. This list has it all. Enjoy!

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Health + Wellness

The benefits of yoga

Many people are aware of the fact that yoga is great for the body. Magazines say so, celebrities rave about it and doctors suggest it. But what exactly is special about yoga?


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Meet the Ambassador

We found a peaceful spot in the Wilder Park Conservatory to meditate and spend time in nature. The sun was beaming down on us as we laughed and walked the garden. Admiring the beauty of the world and feeling the serenity of the moment.

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10 tips for practicing yoga outside the studio

We all have those days where we desperately need to go to our favorite yoga class, but life seems to happen. Whether we're skipping class because of work, a family commitment or because we're sick, it is important to know that we can still practice.

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The Benefits of Yoga

Many people are aware of the fact that yoga is great for the body. Magazines say so, celebrities rave about it and doctors suggest it. But what exactly is so special about yoga?

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16 Motivational yoga quotes

Quotes are a powerful tool used to help invoke inspiration, hope, happiness and more. Adding a quote into a yoga practice helps to achieve total awareness. There is something so powerful about someone sharing their wisdom.

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Ahimsa Celebrates 6 Years!

Last week Ahimsa celebrated 6 years from when we opened the first studio. We decided to take it back to the very beginning and celebrate at the Oak Park studio.  We loved seeing all the familiar (and new!) faces for our anniversary classes. The Ahimsa community is incredible!

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Thoughts New Yogis Have

I'm going to admit it, when I started yoga I sucked. I fell out of poses faster than I could get into them and I even fell asleep in savassana during a class. I know, I wasn't exactly up for "yogi of the year". 

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Benefits of Drinking Water

Studies show in order for our bodies to stay properly hydrated, we should drink 6-8 glasses of water per day. Are you drinking enough water? It can be difficult. As a reminder, set an alarm on your phone, purchase a water bottle or write it on your to-do list. 

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Behind a lens


Click, click, review - there’s more to this art than that. Details matter most. If one thing is overlooked the entire vision is subject to change. Photography is more than pressing a button and uploading a picture to social media. Photography is the ability to pause emotions and the moment to cherish and later look back on. I love photography because I have the opportunity to freeze our happiest moments and relive them again and again. This to me feels more like a superpower than a hobby.